Abdallah Bashir

Abdallah Bashir

Machine Learning Engineer

Goldman Sachs


Hi! I am Abdallah. Welcome to my homepage. I am a Machine Learning engineer at the NLPIR team in Goldman Sachs. I have obtained my MSc degree in Computer Science from Saarland University. My thesis focuses on leveraging self-supervised learning in domain specific languge models. My research interests include solving real world NLP problems. I can be classified with high confidence as a coffeeholic Ambievert who loves to talk about comedy, travel (below images are my own), politics, and philosophy.

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  • Machine Learning/Deep Learning.
  • Natural language processing (NLP).
  • Medical NLP.
  • Neural Machine Translation.
  • Dilague Systems.
  • Transfer Learning.
  • M.s in Computer Science, 2021

    Saarland University

  • B.S. in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Software Engineering, 2018

    University of Khartoum


Machine Learning Engineer
Aug 2022 – Present London
  • Research and implement novel machine learning and deep learning algorithms and models.
  • Specialize in NLP modeling, utilizing LLM for text classification, named entity recognition, question answering, semantic parsing, and uncertainty modeling in low-resource domains.
  • Deploy machine learning models to production while adhering to strict constraints around model size, training, and runtime latency.
  • Design and maintain deployment pipelines, including continuous integration and delivery, version control, and monitoring.
  • Balance model accuracy and efficiency against business and operational requirements.
  • Possess technical expertise in NLP modeling, project management skills, and a deep understanding of business and operational constraints.
Applied Scientist Intern
Apr 2022 – Jul 2022 Seattle, WA
  • Implemented a framework for analyzing trending topincs in Alexa traffic.
  • Implementing a clustering model to help annotate training data.
Research Intern
Jan 2022 – Mar 2022 Seattle, WA
  • Conduct research in Natural Language Proceeding Data Augmentation using Language models
  • Implemented pipelines that leverage models like Albert and BART to extrapolate already built datasets.
Applied Scientist Intern
Apr 2021 – Aug 2021 Frankfurt, DE
  • Curate, parse, preprocess data related to git projects in the organization.
  • Implementing Deep learning models with Attention to identify high risk changes in Git Software products.
  • Achievements - Implemented a Machine Learning based tool to help code reviewers to detect high risk changes in software product
Research Assistant
Nov 2019 – Mar 2021 Saarbrucken
  • Conducting research on integrating common sense in neural language models.
  • Implementing novel methods to integrate common sense knowledge to language models.
  • Implemented API to parse and preprocess JSON text data for modeling.
  • Built web scraper to scrape medical scientific abstracts.
  • Applied NLP state-of-the-art techniques (tokenizers, models, transfer learning) on medical domains.
  • Achievements - Implemented models to fine-tune language Models like BERT and Roberta on Named entity recognition and text classification tasks with +90% accuracy.
Aug 2019 – Sep 2019 Düsseldorf
  • Ported Pydial 2.0 to Pydial 3.0 (an open-source statistical dialogue systems tool).
  • Achievements - Wrote and reviewed code for Experiments, unit tests, and evaluation of the porting process. ported the library with 0% errors.
Research Assistant
May 2019 – Jul 2019 Saarbrucken
  • Built an API to preprocess text data and get it in shape for modeling.
  • Achievements - trained Classifier by fine-tuning BERT to classify post machine translation errors.
Co-Founder, Software Engineer
Sep 2015 – Oct 2016 Khartoum
  • Gathered and defined customer requirements to develop clear specifications for creating well-organized project plans.
  • Designed, built, and monitored web/mobile applications and sites for continuous improvement.
  • Achievements - building a product in cooperation with Zain Sudan, the top telecommunication company in the country.


Outstanding Paper Award at ACLing 2018
See certificate
Poster Award
won one of the poster awards presented in DLI 2018 for preseinting my bsc thesis research
Scientific Innovation Award for BSc Thesis
Indabax Sudan Organizer
Organized first Indabax Sudan event in Sudan
TEDxYouth@NileStreet organizer
Organized and led the team of TEDxYouth@NileStreet 2016