Music Generator Using Deep Learning

A university team projec that is meant to use transformer based Neural Networks architecture to generate music

Enhancing Immunity to fight COVID-19

A group project that is meant to analyse the dietry system for countries with high and low recovery rate.


Simplified C Compiler , a team project in My B.S. SCC compiles C code into Assembly.

Configurable Traffic Light Simulator

A configurable software system that simulates an intersection that is managed by traffic lights.

WhatsApp GPT2 Chatbot

An api built to integrate GPT2 Microsoft Dialog System model as achatbot in WhatsApp.

Masakhane NMT

Masakhane is an research effort for NLP for low resource African languages.

Offinsive tweets classification

A school project aimed to classify offensive and non offensive tweets using Machine Learning models like SVM and Naive Bayes